Initial Review of the Chanel Reissue Mini Rectangular

I don’t know how I got so lucky, but a few months back, my lovely Chanel SA texted me to say that she had a Chanel Reissue Mini in red with shiny gold hardware. I texted her back, requesting that she run my credit card immediately. I then drove as fast as I could to Neiman Marcus. Here she is:

I’ve been using the bag nonstop for the last few months and thought it was time to share my initial review. I’ll first walk you through the handbag’s features and then give you the pros, the cons, and my ultimate conclusion.

But first, here’s proof that even Dobby approves of the Chanel Mini Reissue:


– Dimensions: It’s 7 3/4 inches long, 5 1/4 inches tall, and 3 inches deep.

– Chain drop: The strap is 11 inches when doubled and 21 1/2 inches when single.

– Bijou chain: It has an all metal chain with no leather.

– Grommets: There are four grommets, which allow you to double up the strap and wear it as a shoulder bag.

– Interior: It has a single flap, is all leather, and has one slip pocket and one zip pocket.

– Exterior: It is aged calfskin, quilted, and comes with a mademoiselle pocket (useless pocket in my opinion, but cute).

Foldable: The bag is designed to fold, which you’ll see in the way the bottom is slightly creased.


– You can double up the chain: This is a game changer compared to the mini classic flaps. Because there are four grommets, you can wear the bag as a crossbody, long shoulder bag, or short shoulder bag. The double option helps when you’re trying to navigate through crowds. I will say that the crossbody option ends up a little shorter than the classic mini rectangular because of the four grommets, but it still works for me at 5’7″.

– It can be fancy or casual: Because you can double it up, you can wear the bag both casually and fancy. I’ve worn the bag to a fancy dinner in NYC where I wore a black skirt with leather trim, a white Lilysilk top, and my Chloe Susanna boots (after I fell in love with my white ones, I bought the black too):

I’ve also worn it with American Eagle denim shorts and a Levi’s t-shirt. As an added bonus, the red matches perfectly with my Gucci Ace Sneakers, which are still my absolute fav:

– It fits more than a classic mini rectangular: Because the bag is slightly taller than a classic mini rectangular, you can fit a bit more. The leather is also less puffy, which means that less of the bag is taken up by the leather.

– The red is a true, brick red: I’m picky about color, and I think this red is perfect. It has a blue undertone, which I think makes the red more versatile. For me, it acts almost as a neutral (to the extent red could ever be a neutral).

– The chain is beautiful and doesn’t squeak: The bijou chain is a work of art. The chain is all metal, and the detail is incredible. As an added bonus, you don’t get any of the common “Chanel squeak” because there is no leather to rub on the metal.

– The aged calfskin is durable and won’t show wear: While it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I’m obsessed with the aged calfskin. It gives off a vintage vibe that I think will be a forever classic. It also won’t show wear like lambskin and should even be more resilient than caviar. For example, lots of flap bags end up with a crease on the back where the bag folds. Because the leather on this bag is already crinkled, that crease will be considerably less noticeable.

– The bag is subtle: Because there isn’t a dramatic CC logo, only handbag addicts will notice that this bag is Chanel. I live in a relatively big city and travel a lot, so the understated nature of the bag is a plus for me. And even though there isn’t a CC logo, the bag is beautifully made and still stands out as a work of art even without shouting that it’s Chanel.


– You can’t necessarily tell it’s a Chanel: This is a plus for me, but I wouldn’t argue with folks who contend that this could be a con. Sometimes you just want to be flashy, and that’s 100 percent okay with me.

– The crossbody length is slightly shorter than a classic mini rectangular: If you’re on the taller side, the crossbody length might not work for you. I’ve heard that it is a similar strap drop to the classic square mini, but I haven’t ever tried on a square mini, so I can’t be sure. All I can say is that I wear it crossbody, and I’m 5’7″. When I wear it crossbody, it sits right at the top of my hip. I think it helps that I’m smaller on top (small C cup, for what it’s worth).

– I’ve heard that the hardware can scratch: Because of the square lock, some folks have experienced scratching on the plate where it twists. So far, I haven’t seen that on mine. Even if it happens, I won’t be concerned. So far, the hardware on this is way better than any of my Louis Vuitton hardware, so I’m a happy camper.

– It is designed to have a bowed base: This might be a con for some, but on mine, the base isn’t bowed. It came flat, and I don’t intend to fold it. Some people love the saggy bottom and intentionally fold their bags. If you don’t like saggy bottoms, you’ll just want to keep an eye on the bottom of whatever one you’re looking at purchasing.


I am absolutely thrilled with the Chanel Mini Reissue. It has been everything I dreamed a Chanel mini could be. The red is gorgeous. The leather is perfect in its imperfect, aged way. And the double grommets are amazing. I love this bag so much that I find myself building outfits around it, rather than adding it to outfits as an afterthought, which I tend to do most days. I would absolutely recommend this bag to anyone looking to add a pop of color, a versatile mini bag, or just something so darn beautiful that you can’t pass it up.

Happy shopping!


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