Best Fashion Accessories For Spring 2019

My favorite part about the weeks leading up to a new season is the chance to update my wardrobe with fresh pieces. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been adding items to my wardrobe for this spring. Here are some of my favorite new(ish) additions:


These are some of my favorite shoe ideas for spring. I’ve included items I purchased and some fun alternatives.

– Add a statement shoe like the Gucci Espadrilles

I had these on my wishlist last year, but I never pulled the trigger before fall and winter rolled around. A few weeks ago, I saw these at Nordstrom (and I had a bunch of Nordstrom notes), so I picked them up. These espadrilles have pretty much everything I look for in a casual shoe, and they should be great for spring because they are beige with a hint of pink, which pretty much sums up my whole life.

If you’re looking for ones without the pink, Gucci has a wide variety of basic options like this pair. If Gucci isn’t your thing, most of the fashion houses have an espadrille option. I’ve heard good things about this Saint Laurent pair, or you can always go the Chanel route. There are also some great, more affordable options like these from Sam Edelman. (As an aside, I think Sam Edelman might be one of the best dupe brands for all my favorite shoes, and they are always high quality shoes to boot.)

– Add a statement ankle boot like the Chloe Susanna White Boots

Now, these aren’t new to my wardrobe. I actually bought them toward the end of last summer. I initially wanted them in black, but when I tried on the white, I fell in love. I ended up wearing them all through the fall and winter, which was amazing. There is nothing more exhilarating than wearing a color that conventional wisdom tells you not to wear in a particular season. I even wrote a blog post about how I did it.

But I’m even more excited to wear them this spring and summer. I think they are going to go great with shorts, skirts, and dresses, and obviously, they will still look killer with jeans. I really want to track down a light pair of distressed jeans, which I think will look perfect with these boots. No one has to know that I’m not actually a rockstar, right?

These are a good white boot, and man, these snakeskin boots are to die for (and are a great dupe for the Chloe Rylee boot).

Add a bright pump like the Valentino Rockstuds

I’ve had my eye on the Valentino Rockstuds for quite some time now, and I finally just went for it. These pushed me over the edge because they are freaking pink. To some, they might seem too Legally Blonde, but I’ve long-since embraced my inner Elle Woods, so these are perfect for me. I probably won’t stroll into court wearing these, but I’ll definitely rock them at the office. I think these will be perfect for the spring with a pair of light jeans and a white top.

There are some great pink shoe options out there like these amazing new pumps from Manolo Blahnik, and if pumps aren’t your jam, Valentino also makes some really cute pink sandals.


Here are some of my favorite bag ideas for spring. These are a little more subdued than my shoe choices because I’d like to wear them for more than just a year or two. So for handbags, I’ve added some classic pieces that will both update my wardrobe this spring and last for many years to come.

– Add a neutral, casual bag like the Saint Laurent Camera Bag

I recently purchased this bag because I found a great deal on Fashionphile. I have been looking for a simple, beige crossbody bag for the spring and summer (and really, to go with the new Gucci espadrilles). I wanted something understated, and the Saint Laurent bag fit the bill. I intend to use it without the removable tassel, which I think makes the bag a little more understated.

Random tangent–I used to own the Gucci Soho Disco in beige, but I sold that bag last year. Honestly I can’t remember why, though. I only had it for a few months before I decided to sell it and buy the Louis Vuitton Pochette Felicie (which I sold a few months after that). I think that, in the past, I was just too afraid of light bags. They are susceptible to more wear and tear than dark bags, but after all this time, I’ve just gotten over it. Handbags are meant to be used, and if you get wear and tear, so be it. It appears that this season I’m finally prepared to commit to light handbags.

– Add a neutral tote like the Louis Vuitton Brea MM:

I already wrote about how much I love the Louis Vuitton Brea MM here, so I won’t belabor the point. Suffice to say, I have already gotten loads of use out of this neutral tote, and I suspect that my use is only going to increase exponentially into the spring and summer.

A white/beige tote is the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe because it will match any of those great spring colors (yay, coral). Sometimes spring colors get tricky because black and brown handbags can seem too rich and dramatic next to the soft spring colors, and the bags can end up a little distracting. Having a nice white or beige handbag solves that problem. This Givenchy, this Kate Spade, and even this Tory Burch are great options.


This is kind of a catch-all category. There are a few other spring pieces that I think can add some new vigor to your wardrobe following the dreaded January and February. Adding a baseball cap, white belt, or some fun sunnies can really spice up your life. I haven’t purchased anything new in these categories because this category of my wardrobe was already pretty well-stocked.


These pieces should easily integrate into your wardrobe without requiring any additional investment. Heck, toss light jeans, a white tee shirt, the Valentino rockstuds, and maybe even the Chloe sunglasses (or just any statement sunglasses), and you have yourself quite the outfit with very little effort:

If springtime in your area still stays a little chilly, maybe add a barefoot dreams cardigan over the top. Also, I just love those, so I’m constantly looking for excuses to wear one.

Now we just need the snow to melt (at least in Colorado), and we can all bust out our spring favorites.




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